1 Hour Lesson – £45

This 1 hour lesson can be taken indoors or outdoors with use of Video Analysis and SkyTrak technology. This is an hour long lesson working on any area of the game you wish.

A session summary will be sent via e mail to include drills and goals to start your journey to better golf.

7 x 1 Hour Lessons (For Price of 6) – £270

This is the “full package” where we can look at every aspect of the game. Driving, irons, short game, bunkers and putting.

Curtis, alongside Video Analysis and SkyTrak Technology, will look at the overall game to highlight any strengths and weaknesses. Curtis will then produce a lesson plan to be personalised to your golf game.

2 sessions can be put to together to make a 9 hole playing lesson to look at course management, routines, shot selection and much more.

E mail reviews to be sent at the end of each session, with before and after videos demonstrating what changes have been made. Also drills to do on the range and at home aid improvement.

1 x Game Assessment (90 mins) – £65

The game assessment is designed to help both Curtis and yourself understand your golf game, highlighting any strengths and weaknesses in each area of the game.

Curtis with his expertise and experience alongside Video Analysis and SkyTrak Technology will collect data which will help produce a lesson plan, which will be personalised to suit you and your own golf!

Use the form below to contact Curtis and buy a voucher for friends and family. 

    1 hour lesson - £457 x 1 hour lessons - £2401 x Game Assessment (90 mins) £65