At Blackpool North Shore Golf Club we use the latest in video analysis and launch monitor technology in our Golf Academy. We have a pitching and chipping area, to run along side our tour standard putting green for all short game sessions.

To book a lesson with Curtis, please go to our booking page. If you would like to ask Curtis a question directly, please use the form on the contact page.



Private 60 min Lesson: £45
Private 30 min Lesson: £25
Video 60 min Lesson: £45
Video 30 min Lesson: £25
Short Game 60 min Lesson: £45
Short Game 30 min Lesson: £25
(If you would like a friend to join its an extra cost of £10 per person)

9 Hole Playing Lesson: £75

Junior 60 Minute Lesson: £40 (ages 16 and under)
Junior 30 Minute Lesson: £20 (ages 16 and under)

Gapping Session 60 min: £45

Cancellation Policy – Curtis Dean Golf

If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place, you will be subject to a full lesson fee. To avoid a cancellation fee, please provide cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Lessons with Curtis Dean Golf

  • Using video and our launch monitor makes it quick to identify strengths and weaknesses within the pupils technique
  • Take new swing thoughts onto the range learning ball flight control
  • Improve your ball striking to hit more fairways and greens
  • Compare your swing to some of the greats
  • Drills to help ingrain better habits within the golf swing
  • Our short game area at Blackpool North Shore Golf Club allows all pupils to play all shots from 60 yards and in, replicating all situations the course may throw at us
  • Learn how to use the ‘bounce’ when pitching making the shot easier to play consistently
  • Controlling the flight on all short shots including bunkers
  • Learning to use the correct club from certain lies
  • Discover how to get your putts rolling on line consistently
  • Implement a routine whilst putting making holing out less stress
  • Work on rhythm of the stroke improving pace control on our fantastic putting green
  • Look at green reading techniques
  • Take your game onto the course, combining all aspects of the game.
  • Looking into how you can ‘golf’ your ball round the golf course and improving the scoring part of your game.
  • Play all the shots needed to get round the course, awkward lies, shots from rough, wind from all directions, up hill and down hill.
  • Course management
  • Learn how far you hit each club in your bag
  • Discover if your equipment suits your swing
  • Is there 2 or more clubs going a similar distance?
  • Do you need a club in a different area of the bag to cover a big gap in yardage from club to club
  • Go through a body screening with our TPI certified coach to identify areas of strength and weakness within your body
  • Each test if failed can cause certain swing faults within the swing that can be improved with stretching/exercising that certain area
  • Making it possible to get in the positions the coach is asking of you
  • Get fitter for golf
  • Are swing faults causing you aches and pains whilst you play?